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Event Management


For us, our clients’ events are a unique opportunity for them to forge strong relationships with their audience. Relationships built on the opportunity for personal contact, a considerably different approach from other, impersonal types of communication.

Our goal is to organize events that convey impactful experiences. Our method is the meticulous planning and communication, before the event, and the right utilization of all the new opportunities presented upon the conclusion of the event.

We have successfully organized events for Press delegates, corporate clients, partners and suppliers, as well as business events, open to the public.

We have also organized many seminars and conferences for medical reasons, on behalf of medical companies and patient associations.

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For us, an event is more than just distributing information or providing entertainment to invited guests. It is a valuable tool  for uniting  people around a happening, around a brand, or around an idea.

Event management is considered one of the strategic marketing and communication tools by companies of all sizes. From product launches to press conferences, we  create promotional events to help companies communicate with clients and potential clients. They might target their audience by using the news media, hoping to generate media coverage which will reach thousands of people. They can also invite their audience to their events and reach them at the actual event.

In all cases, proper staging and preparation are essential, as is the concept that will make the event a real experience.

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